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Fine Jewellery

Adris Jewellers

For that special occasion of your life or simply a glamorous outing, our Fine Jewellery Collection exemplifies our hallmark of quality, exquisite customize designs and craftsmanship

Every piece created begins with the extraordinary beauty of each distinctive stone. The mysterious appeal of gemstones, their exquisite colours and the play of light within them, would alone have made them doubly valuable. The thought process behind every design and piece of jewellery created includes the wealth of history, colour, rarity and the natural beauty of the gemstone.

At Adris Jewellers, we source the best gemstones and loose diamonds to craft a beautiful piece of jewellery to meet out buyer’s exacting eye. Since 1935, we serve our customers the finest quality of jewellery signifying creativity, timelessness and longevity that has been passed on from generation to generation. We strive to provide our customers the best after-sales service and bring you products of the highest standards, safety and durability.

pink sapphire earrings