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Adris Jewellers is a Private Limited Company with a history that goes back to 1935 when its founder, Mr T. A. Adris first started his business as a Jeweller specialising in hand crafted jewellery in Taiping, Perak.

His store was later moved to Ipoh where the company’s head office is currently located. His passion for fine jewellery has since prevailed and has become a hall mark of product offerings by Adris Jewellers.

The company is now run by Mr Choola Adris who is a Gemologist and a graduate in Jewellery Arts and Business Studies. His special skills lie in Jewellery Design and Manufacture, which has earned the company a reputation as being one of the prime jewellery houses in Malaysia, specialising in the state of the art jewellery.

Since the 1950s, Adris was the go-to Jeweller in Perak, Malaysia for Royalty and Collectors who wanted exquisite one of a kind pieces or a portrayal of Individuality behind every design. From magnificent Tiaras to statement necklaces, Adris Jewellers has a heritage of creating a work of art. Once a masterpiece is made, it marks a joyous moment for the maker and the wearer.

Adris Jewellers Royal Jewellery
Diamond Tiara
adris jewellers royal jewelry
golden crown